Nutrition for Life Healthcare are able to provide workplace health programs to you and your staff. Please contact us on (03) 6301 9096 to find out how we can help improve the performance of your staff through lifestyle change.

Let us help your staff take back control of their health through our Food 101 Changing the way we eat package.

Nutrition for Life provide health and well-being workshops and nutrition experiences to employees and businesses of all sizes.

See below for our range of workplace health and well-being services.


Our workplace nutrition workshops are 60 minutes in duration and can be held either on or offsite from your workplace.

Workshop package: FOOD 101 - Changing the way we eat

An interactive three-part nutrition education package, suitable for any industry or business. This package includes the following workshop themes and takes participants from the basics right through to practical solutions to better health.

Session themes:

  • How Much Sugar?
  • Good Fats, Bad Fats
  • Real Food Eating

Standalone workshop: Mindful eating

‘It’s not just WHAT you eat. It’s HOW you eat it.’ This is a practical workshop that will develop people’s self-awareness around eating and nutrition habits. It will also introduce participants to the many health benefits of mindful eating.

Standalone workshop: Wallet friendly eating

This is a practical workshop for healthy eating that includes strategies and tips that will benefit people’s health and their bank balances.

What an investment in your health looks like.

Nutrition Health Checks

Employee nutrition health checks

Individual nutritional health checks for employees which include Weight (Kg), Waist (cm), HbA1c levels, Random BGL, Eating behaviour score, Food quality score, Activity level score, Diabetes risk score and Stroke risk score.

Nutrition health checks provide employees with an excellent preventative healthcare option, as well as starting to support them towards the achievement of their own health goals.

We offer the following workplace nutrition services to support small to large businesses build health awareness, understanding and a commitment to health across their workforce:

  • Workplace programs that deliver a range of coordinated health interventions
  • Nutrition education in the form of a single presentation or workshop
  • Individual consultations
  • Food service consultancy
  • Policy development

Want to find out about workplace health for your staff?

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