Current Evidence

Links to recent research and evidence

Links to recent research and evidence on the benefits of Lower Carbohydrate and Healthy natural Fat (LCHF).

Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with nutrition

Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that a person can be cured of Type 2 diabetes.

That Sugar Film: Official Trailer

That Sugar Film will change the way you think about ‘healthy’ food.

Blood tests to assess your cardiovascular risk

Associate Professor Ken Sikaris describes describes the types of blood tests required to assess your level of cardiovascular risk.

I manage my Type 1 diabetes by eating LCHF

Dr. Troy Stapleton describes how he manages his Type 1 diabetes following LCHF principles.

How knowledge is power in nutrition

Dr. Wendy Pogozelski bridges the gulf between scientific research and nutrition education.

Low Carb for Type 1 Diabetes_Case Study

Justin and Julie, share the heart-wrenching story of their Australian family’s two-year journey to ‘normal blood glucose readings’ after Patrick was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 6.

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