Take the 21 Day LCHF Meal Challenge and See the Results for Yourself!

Achieving lifelong healthy results when choosing to adopt a Low Carb Healthy Fat way of living means getting the balance right! With the help of our extensive 21 day LCHF meal plan, developed by our professional team... you will experience a balanced approach to starting or maintaining your LCHF way of life and notice a range of positive results and benefits along the way.

About this Meal Plan (eBook)

This meal plan provides 3 meal options each day. Each meal includes a macro-nutrient breakdown which is key when wanting to track the balance that works best for your health and your own health goals. A macro-nutrient breakdown means each meal and suggested serving size gives you a QTY in grams for Carbohydrates, Proteins and Healthy Fats. All meals fit within the guidelines of excellent LCHF consumption, Low in Carbs, Moderate in Protein and Higher in Healthy Fats.

Each meal is accompanied by a recipe and ingredients list along with images so you can compare to the instructions provided. The meal plan repeats certain 'meals' to give you routine and left-over options which is key when it comes to helping you with meal prep, eating on a budget and saving time.

This meal plan does not include dessert options as we do not want to encourage you to maintain this routine of always 'needing dessert'. The meal plan does however provide a snacks suggestion list that again fits within the LCHF guidelines.

With this meal plan you will experience the ultimate balance!


How do I approach this meal plan?

If you choose to commit to our 21 day meal plan then we recommend following the 21 day consecutively. However you can refer back to your favourite meal ideas time and time again which is the great thing about having your very own copy!

What about my family?

This is a very family friendly meal plan and most of the meals your entire family should start to love and enjoy once they get into the swing of things. This plan was designed keeping other people in mind who you may have to take on the journey with you just to make your life easier.

I am vegetarian, will this meal plan suit me?

No, this will not suit you. Please make an appointment with our team so we develop a customised plan for you.

Do I need to commit to the 21 days or are there other options?

We do provide this meal plan in week by week stages and you can click the link below to see more.